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One of the most notable characteristics of the traditional dwellings is the abundance of natural caves of zahorra or pumice, a volcanic rock that is easy to work, in the present day they are used mainly as storage facilities.

A landscape dominated by terrains of cultivated stepped terraces, granting it an original identity

The lace fabrics are part of the local craftsmanship.

The wine, made from grapes grown on these luminous and warm slopes, is justly recognized.

Among the local celebrations those of the patron Festivity of San Joaquín, are outstanding.


Calendar of Popular Festivities in Fasnia
Second week in May Pilgrimage of San Isidro and Santa María de la Cabeza. La Sabina Alta
Third week in May María Auxiliadora. La Zarza. Festivity of the lanterns (Fiesta de Los Faroles)
Third week in July Festivity of El Carmen. La Zarza
August 21st Patron Festivities of San Joaquín and Santa Ana.
Third week in September San Roque. Los Roques
Fourth week in September Our Lady of Carmen. Las Eras
Second week in October Our Lady of El Rosario or Marine Festivity

Cultural Interest Centres

Municipal Archive

Phone: 922 530 028

Public Library

Phone: 922 530 028

Youth House. Workshops and Conferences.

Fasnia Casino.

Fasnia Centre Cultural. Ludotheca, Adults classes, Music Band.

Fasnia Cinema

It has a very old projection system.

Cultural Information Office: Culture Council of the Guildhall.

Phone: 922 530 028

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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